About us

Natyakalari, the school of Indian classical dance was founded in 2003 by Team Natyakalari. It exists as the true temple of art experience, transferring the bliss of existence through dance as envisioned by Natyakalari.

We bears testimony to her life and art witnessing the subtle nuances of motion and grace (dance) authenticated through her on life. We stays indigenous exalted and sublime with a plethora of life composition consecrated solely to the art form of dance. Natyakalari has already proved her excellence, establishing her distinction in the realm of Classical dance through a series of stage performances all over India.

Her particular mettle of this unique capacity makes it possible to make any derivative compositions improvising altering, speed and tune making dance more democratized and accessible in our times.


Natyakalari was formulated with an objective to unveil the hidden talents and nurture them to become performer dancers. Natyakalari deeply believes in her mission as a mentor in transforming the latent potential to transcending higher experience through art experience. We believes the role of a dancer, becoming a medium with the highest communication skills manifesting the spectrum of realities ranging from temporal to eternal. Her vision embodies the intention of Natyakalari aiming the perfection of those skills in the expression of talent.

A judicious attempt to look into the impressions of existence and ample effort to recreate them as art expressions. The school intents a thorough unification of both intrinsic and instrumental entities molding the dancer to sublime levels of art (truth) experiences. A sure necessity of our times of chaos and challenge where budding dancers bloom to meditation through dance. It addresses all walks of life, blending both tradition and innovation the modern and ancient.


That is a synthesis of the dynamic and static given space and time significant of all times. The dancer transfuses in dance surging the waves of creative response.